Bellsouth Pro 5 mile FRS/GMRS Radio 2 pack

Not quite as great as the last one, that was seven miles and camo, but still pretty nice.

I may get one of these, they are quite useful when we go on youth trips, for I can keep in contact with the youngsters.

Self-licensing feature? Huh? What is this?

nice woot, but I just got the 7 mile ones, its fun to spy on businesses doing their normal daily business!

Thanks woot, goodnight!

EDIT, This one only has 15 channels (one gmrs channel) and the ones a few woots ago has 22 channels

meh…cool for the kiddies, though

Hope they work better then ones with the 7 mile radius. I got 2 blocks from home and nada, zip, they didn’t work!

By the way, you “need” a permit in order to use the GMRS channels, er, you’re supposed to have a permit.

I wonder if these ones actually work, unlike the ones a few weeks ago.

Great Deal…But already have a set

Wait. It’s not Tuesday. But, there’s a two-pack. It’s gotta be a…


Seriously, though- These are a decent pair of radios. I personally reccomend them for theme-park use between family, makes keeping track of each other fairly easy (when all the other channels aren’t in use.)

ok woot… but last radio 2 pack was better and works great

and I was hoping for something cool

Don’t expect these things to work if you take the family to Disney. You and the other 40,000 people in the park had the same bright idea

the last ones were better…

The FCC deal, is I believe to enable the HI feature, since you’re not allowed to use over a certain power without a licence.

These are great! Got mine, wootie-toot-toot!

Is it possible for me to use this for “Questionable Activities”?

great description conversation!!!

Gone are the days when I call home to say “Honey, need anything at the store?” Now I can walkie-talkie it! What a redemtiopn of my family jewels! It now has become cool for me to be the grocerie beeyootch! (don’t bust on my justification pleeze. Its not much, but it is mine…)

I’m soooo ready to buy some but I need to know that they work, anybody have any or anything like these?