BellSouth Pro 7 mile GMRS/FRS Radio 2 Pack w/Charger



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BellSouth Pro 7 mile GMRS/FRS Radio 2 Pack w/Charger
$14.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Bellsouth Pro 2-way GMRS/FRS Camouflage Radio 2 pack w/ charger - 2735TM4HS-2


do they work under the sea?


Coming to you LIVE from Florida via Sprint EVDO (Take that, dial up!)

So I start my new summer job on Monday and wont be able to constantly be awake at 1am. Who shal take over for me until late August? Will it be YOU?

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Bell South: Not known for quality electronics.


for as long as I’ve been a member, I have yet to find something I would buy.


they look like they’re wrapped in celophane and rubberbands… piss poor camo print. not for me thanks.


Hummm…This has a pretty high cool factor. I think I’ll wait to see some links to reviews first though.


Good stuff… Put me down for two


cool… maybe ill bite. anyone know how good these are?


Cool Mother’s Day Gifta1


Unless you are goning out in the woods why would get this if you have a cell phone


If you set it down, you can’t see it to pick it up. No Thanks.

…With Woot and Justice for All!


definately got this! Awesome deal!!!


Bellsouth, I mean AT&T or is it BCS. Who is going to warranty these things?


that’s what i thought!!! i swore it was cellophane!


Will BellSouth send the Feds my information if I buy these?


they do have a lovely duct-tape-esque motif to them…
camo?..definitely not


Wait… I can’t see 'em.

Where are they? I see the headsets. And the charger…


Just wanted to put that out there.