Belted Cargo Short JKS75, 3 Colors

I find the layout of this sale confusing. Some are in 2 colors, others in three. Other than the style number, what makes them different? The pictures look identical. I bought some of these the last time they were up. The belts were solid colors though, and they were a dollar cheaper. Is the belt color the only difference?

It’s not only the belt color, there are small subtle differences in the cargo pocket detail, besides that they are all very similiar.

Since you bought these last time…how did they fit…true to size???

Thanks for the reply. More specific images would have been nice, but if they’re anything like the first ones I bought, I won’t be disappointed.

Can you speak to the pocket depth? My bf tends to carry a lot in his pockets and finds that cargo shorts tend to have shallow pockets (not the leg pockets)

Let’s be clear here.

The only pants Cargo Shorts are as “fashionable” as are polyester bell-bottoms.

We are one step above jorts here guys. Just say no.

The first time I washed these, the button came off. How do I go about getting them replaced?

Sorry for the problem. Please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.