Belted Tactical Cotton Cargo Shorts

Belted Tactical Cotton Cargo Shorts

Darn. Not going to post some BS political, stereotypical reply, and will only say I am interested in these but don’t own a smart phone so I can’t purchase them.

I can purchase and you pay me cost. Just PM me your color, size, qty options along with address. Also I never attempted yet I think downloading an emulator will allow you to purchase.

The Bluestacks ( emulator might work, though I haven’t tested it with the Woot app too much so I’m not sure.

I am not familiar with any emulators. Thank @peaceetc for this tit bit. That said I am completely excluding myself. Therefore not being held responsible for any harm or such done to one’s device upon installing above said software. :crazy_face:

Thank you for the offers and help. Ended up having someone forget what a red lights means and slammed into me and my car yesterday. Thankfully wasn’t hurt to bad but don’t feel much like shopping or trying out a computer emulator thingy.

Take care.


I’m sorry that happened but am very glad you weren’t hurt. Take care.