Beltronics Pro Radar Detectors

I bought the GX65 from Woot last month for $269. I was on the fence over paying so much for a discontinued model but went ahead and pulled the trigger. Only a month later Woot offers it for $30 cheaper and I have a little remorse. After this experience, next time I’m uncertain about purchasing an item from Woot I’ll just pass.

This is an excellent detector and ALL things will lower in price but its still an excellent deal at the price you paid. This is the EXACT same model as the Bel Pro 500 and that costs significantly more so u got a great detector for the $$…

I’ve got the RX-65 Beltronics from a previous Woot, and a comparably priced Escort/Passport from a completely different Woot. My experience is that both are better than the low-end junk.

The RX-65 seems to be a little twitchier than the Escort/Passport, by that I mean the Beltronics is extra sensitive to retail door openers and the like, even in city mode. The extra sensitivity may be useful on the highways, but around town it is often less annoying to just turn if off and follow speed limit signs. (Especially when I have passengers.)

I’d be interested to hear from people who have researched whether or not the new crop of luxury cars’ anti-collision radar is going to make all these detectors obsolete/unusable. I have convinced myself that I get more false alarms when I’m pacing near hi-end cars, and that their radar is the culprit.

I wouldn’t think this would be eligible for shipping to Virginia, since they’re (the last state/commonwealth holding out and still consider them) illegal there.

This is a phenomenal radar detector. I bought one from Amazon new for $300 a short while ago. Worth every cent. I don’t even slightly regret the purchase seeing this much lower price. Paid for itself a few times over.

I bought the belltronics. I bought the passport previously and ran it side by side with my cobra for 2 or 3 weeks needless to say the cobra is now in the junk drawer.
When I receive the bell I suspect I will have 2 cobras in the junk drawer.

Lived in VA Beach/Newport News for 8+ years and used a radar detector every day I was there by putting it in my visor and wiring it into my 12V system. Never had an issue and the only ticket I got was when I got paced instead of ‘lit up’.

I ordered one because my old cobra radar detector is falling apart, and this should be much, much better.

also picking up a mirror tap to power it:
and a mirror mount to mount it:

don’t want to deal with suction cups anymore…

Bought RX65 for $159. Great radar detector. Less false alarms then valentine.