Beltronics Pro Radar Detectors

Just received my RX65. Works great few false alarms.

This is one of 3 brands to even consider buying (Valentine1, Escort (higher end models only) and Bel).

They are great tools once you full understand what they do and what they don’t do.

If you want some good easy to understand reading on them, read the Valentine1 manual (PDF on their site) (just skip the actual product info, go to the “how to use it” section). It explains VERY well in easy words and diagrams of what these things do and don’t do and how to best utilize them.

Remember, if there is no radar/aser to be detected (such as POP radar or Laser) then it’s not going to be making noise until it’s too late. So, don’t go flying down empty roads, since the only person that the radar will be aimed at next is YOU, and then it’s too late.

I’ve been using a Valentine1 for many years and it’s saved my hide so many times. The times I got a ticket while using my radar detector were purely my fault.