Beltronics Pro Radar Detectors

Nobody got nuttin 2 say about these? Can someone tell me how these compare to the 9500xi. or the Max? Which one is better for detecting radar?

Reviews on Amazon day the hardware for the gx65 I’d identical to the 9500xi whatever.

I don’t really understand the reasoning behind spending more on a radar detector than you would on a potential ticket that you may or may not (probably won’t) get.

+1 to that. Me? I just set my cruise control for right at the posted limit using my GPS to determine speed (GPS is MUCH more accurate than any speedometer any automobile manufacturere ever put into the dash of a car) and cruise.

Of course this says nothing about the vanishingly small likelihood of actually getting caught speeding on the open road (speeding in town is ASKING for an invite to traffic court - ask my daughter and/or son-in-law). Think about how often you are cruising on the highway right at the posted limit and somebody blows by you doing ninety-to-nothing. Now think about how often you actually see anybody pulled over by a cop of any sort.

Research has demonstrated conclusively that laws do nothing to deter crime. Nor do harsher punishments. The only thing that has any deterrent affect on crime all is the certainty of being caught and prosecuted. Effectively, nothing is illegal unless the perpetrator is caught and successfully prosecuted. I stay under the posted limit mainly because I have no desire to interact with road-mobile members of the world’s largest criminal street gang.

Welcome Trolls, you obviously don’t ENJOY driving your vehicles.

As to the 1st poster, the Bel Detectors are ranked up there in the top 3, along with the higher end Escorts and the always awesome V1 (which I have). I won’t travel on the highway without one.

BTW download/install WAZE for your phone, and pair it with a good radar detector and you’re pretty invincible on the highway. Obviously, still drive smart… if there’s nobody reporting ahead of you, it’s going to be just as useful as a radar detector on a completely empty road (meaning, you’re going to get got).

Nice unit- great for motorcycles (in fair weather)- buttons on top for easy manipulation. Similar to the Escort 9500 IX (internals are the same, but buttons/dial are different- same company) It also has a headphone jack and you can pair it with their “Escort Live” system through an app for iPhone or Android.

I’m curious- does this sale include the free firmware updates from the manufacturer for 90 days?