Belts Of Style And Taste

So these belts are 100% plastic? Including the buckle? I’m looking at the black one and it looks like metal… but if they’re plastic then they might be a great solution for people with nickel allergy.

I fall under the catagory of “big guy”, so what’s the biggest “most” that One Size Fits Most fits? I can’t find it on their website.

Here’s some answers from our vendor, y’all:

I actually ordered some of these belts earlier in the same sale and they came very quickly. I had some doubts as to whether I’d like the look/feel of the material, but I was surprised at how much I like them. Ordering a few more so I’ll have a lot of color options to choose from. Easy to cut down to size and really nice looking. And they seem really durable. I like being able to swap the buckles around for some cool color combinations. Additional buckles can also be ordered from the C4 website.