BEM Bluetooth Speakers

I received one of the small square ones in a BOC and we LOVE it. We keep it in our kitchen and its mostly used at the demand of my 3 year old who wants her YouTubes of Disney songs played AT THE LOUDEST POSSIBLE VOLUME! This thing does the trick and more. We’ve also taken it on vacation since its so small and portable.

“in a Big on Chucking”

Can you tell me what that is? I’m contemplating a purchase but I cant decipher that part of the review.

Which color sounds best?

Seriously, though, these are just decorated in “named” colors, there are no logos on them, right?

It’s a bag.
it’s filled with one or more items at random, usually of poor quality or cost.
the items are referred to as an alternate name of ‘poop’, only starting with the letter ‘C’.

the name itself cannot be spoken on the forums here, for it generally gets censored to something alse more amusing. I shall attempt to speak the name now to demonstrate:
Bag of crap

You are welcome.

(also, If it were not for the fact that I have that awesome TDK boombox, I’d so totally pick up one of these for the bluetooth feature.

Haha. Yes as subether awesomely explained, its the elusive bag that everyone vies for. But when you spell it out, Woot changes the term to something unique and unusual starting with the letters of B, O and C.


I got one of these a while ago off of Woot. So far it has been a great little speaker. We use it mainly in the bathroom where it provides great sound because of the small space. We also take it to the pool where the sound is adequate for relaxing. It has a great soft rubber feel to it and so far has proved to be quite durable. Highly recommend it tho at this price.

Yup, just confirmed on BEM’s website. These are strictly color matching team speakers. No Logos.

These speakers are incredible and at this price, if you are looking for a portable speaker, it would be foolish not to jump on this. I just bought a red one myself =)

Purple for me! :slight_smile:

I bought one of these from Woot. They are pretty good, good battery life, good quality They compare favorably, from a value standpoint, to those going up to $100. That said, to really listen to music more than having is simply in the background, you have to go bigger, I think to the 150 plus range. I bought a Bose minilink recently, $200. You can listen to music with that, and not be tempted to just turn on your full size unit. The small ones are better for listening to podcasts versus really enjoying music. If you are spending 100 plus. I strongly recommend listening to one in a store, not just trusting reviews. Sound is personal, and I was unimpressed with some well reviewed units.

Your comparing apples to oranges…

I got one of these from Costco a few weeks ago, this is a better deal. For the size of the speaker it has very loud and full sound, and decent bass too. Hard to beat for this price.

I had no idea people still bought BOSE. I guess money doesn’t part fast enough.



Your response is not implied as imperative and is therefore, incomplete.

Many Bose products could be considered overpriced. Since you are apparently an audio snob, I’ll note that I use own a Denon receiver and Def. Tech. speakers. The Bose Soundlink Mini is a really good product, and the price compares well to similar products. As far as compairing apples to oranges, above, I did not. I pointed out this was a pretty good product, and much cheaper than the bose. I was just pointing out that I didn’t think listening to music through this unit was a great solution.

You forgot to mention Northwestern Wildcats Pride Purple as an option.

I won’t buy anything listed as a LSU or LS-Who? Purple. But a Northwestern Wildcats Pride Purple - I’d definitely buy that!

Where is Spartan Green??