bēm Speaker Trio Bluetooth Speakers

maybe this is simplistic, but does the ‘source’ need to be within 25 feet of the base, or just one of the speakers? I get that the speakers can go 115 feet from the base, but if I can’t take the phone or whatever more than 25 feet from the base (for bluetooth reception anyway) it might not work for what I’m thinking. (Base stays in the house, speakers and phone come out on the patio/deck).

Not sure on an answer but here’s the manual for more info.

$71.59 prime shipping on Amazon, same model. Meh reviews. Great concept though… With a little better reviews I might give it a try for a Christmas gift.

Nope. I have found Bem products to be unreliable. Furthermore, they expect for you to pay return shipping when the item fails under warranty. Nope nope nope.