Bench Litter Box Cover

Is there a hole in the center panel? Otherwise it’s gonna be pretty hard for the kitty to make this work…

I confirmed with the vendor. Yes, there is a whole in the center panel.

Easy enough to put together, only downside is that space inside is a little small for bigger cats.

Can the entry hole be on the left or is it right entry only?

Right only

Can it be configured without the center panel to accommodate larger litter boxes?

We don’t have that info but it would definitely affect the structural integrity.

I just received mine today and when I went to build it the top part of the bench has white paint/compound on it.

I sent a defective request to customer care, lets see how that goes.

Adding this comment just in case this item comes back up: mine arrived fine, looked good, but had a bit of a smell, like mothballs and ant spray. It didn’t seem too bad so I assembled it and set it up and went out. When I got home the smell had permeated my entire house, it was unbearable. It gave me headaches and literally made me nauseated. I stuck it out on my porch for a few days to air out, and forgot about it until today. It seemed fine, so I brought it inside and set it back up. It’s now two hours later and my living room REEKS OF MOTHBALLS AND ANT SPRAY. I wrote support to see if they could contact the manufacturer and see if there is any kind of solution possible. I will update if I hear back from them, but for now: DO NOT BUY.