Bench Litter Box Cover

I bought this last week to hide the litter box that we have for our cat. Surprisingly, the materials are of better quality than expected.
Hopefully you’ll be assembling this in a well-ventilated area, as when taking it out of the box, it has a distinct chemical/varnish like smell. You’ll want to do some thinking about which direction this will face and which direction the cat will be entering the piece of furniture, as this will affect assembly and the look of the piece. Additionally, after putting this together, I realized that it would be best if the entrance for the cat was on the right-hand side. When putting it together the other way, the entrance may be a little high for some cats and the ventilation holes on the opposing end piece are at the bottom not the top.

Seconding the smell. It smelled like bug spray, and within about twelve hours stunk up the whole house. I stuck it on the porch for a week and all good, but just fyi.