Benessere Napa Sorridente Red Wine (3)

Benessere Napa Valley Sorridente Red Wine 3-Pack
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2011 Sorridente Red Wine, Napa Valley

I have really enjoyed the previous Benessere offerings and we stopped into the tasting room over labor day weekend by chance and had a nice time.

Right now this is above my price point and I haven’t had this before but I do like their Zin’s

What kind of cellaring can we expect from this wine and is there any history on this blend? Thanks.

Interesting comments about the 2011 vintage, as it was my understanding that it was a difficult one in northern California.

I’m a big fan of Benessere wines, and am at this very moment reviewing my cellar…the wife has suggested not buying any more wine until we are below 12 cases but I seem to have 14. Despite my best efforts, I may not be able to drink two cases of wine over the Thanksgiving holiday. But I suppose we could give it the old college try!

Drink it down!
Drink it down!
Waaaay down!

I’m up above 20 cases in the cellar myself, so I can’t pull the trigger either.

The Benessere Rosato Di Sangiovese 6-Pack they had offered here (02/15/2015) was well received by everyone that I served it to.