Benessere Rosato Di Sangiovese (6)

Benessere Rosato Di Sangiovese 6-Pack
$75.99 $144.00 47% off List Price
2013 Benessere Rosato Di Sangiovese
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I wouldn’t mind 2-3 of these if anyone going to Wooster for the Scott Harvey wine dinner is interested in a split.

These were just up on Woot Plus. I ordered a pack, but weather etc. has delayed delivery until tomorrow (projected).

Anyone else get theirs and have a chance to open one?

Ordered a woot plus of this myself and it shows it still being in CA.

I’m also wondering if we will see the vertical Zin offered in the future also (that one is still in CA as well).

My Woot Plus order of this wine is scheduled to be delivered today! I will likely not be home so I asked for a hold at Kinko’s/FedEx. Not likely they will have it today but I will swing by on my way home and if there I will post notes

Specs look good, suprised by the 10% Zin in the blend. Curious about that, if a winery rep stops by was the idea behind adding the zin? What component did it add to the final wine?

Hey, Woot, I thought it was now possible to ship wine to Massachusetts. Can you check into this?

The law has changed but there’s a lot of stuff that has to happen: wineries have to procure a license and some internal stuff has to happen.

Chilled, drinking with dinner…short notes (we put away all electronics for dinner with boys)

One word: wow!

I will be buying more. Detailed notes to follow

Edit: w/o looking at specs

Color:pink with orange tones but closer to red kool aid with too much water

Nose: crisp cherries, watermelon, strawberries with ahint of rose petals

Taste: Light bodied with no tannins and a crisp, zipping acidity that does not hurtyour teeth but is in balance with the fleshy fruit. No oAk. Fleshy red fruit, cherry? No bitter aftwr taste I get with some roses

Man, is this awesome. Perfect balance of acid, fruit, and alcohol.

No RS.

I would say this leans to the Old World rose style than the new thpugh not completely. Enough fruitiness to please both drinkers.

Surprised alcohol at 14.1 No heat whatsoever! I can definitely tell this is a small, boutique wine with low case production. Well-crafted with fruit that talks to me, if that mKes sense. This is not a mass-produced rose that has a generic feel at all!

i would guess $22 msrp and happy to pay $15/bottle. Revisiting my purchase $12.50/bottle is a no brainer! This is a back up the truck and load up wine. I have purchased countless $10 roses that usually
Come off at too sweet, nondescript, or plain terrible. For a few bucks more you will be drinking a high quality rose with substance, personality, and best of all, awesome QPR.

SWMBO loved it by the way!

Sorry for any typos but with a 4 and 6 year old its the best I can do


Thanks for the notes lost. Looking forward to trying it.

I’m not sure whether to praise him for taking one for the team or curse him for being an enabler.
I’ll go with #1, thanks lost! :slight_smile:

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You will love it and regret not getting more. Squarely in your rose wheelhouse imo

You will not regret it!

Edit: forgot to mention Mill placed an order earlier.

You had me at “No oAk.”

Florda just got a shade darker. In for one.

It’s that good

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My strategy worked! Seriously, it is a well-made wine percect for Florida weather!

I hate these impromptu reviews. I’m in.
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EDIT: some day we will have summer in Chicago and I can enjoy these on the deck.

Thanks. Fingers crossed it all works out this year.

This shipped on the 4th per the email I received, with a statement I’d see it in 3 to 8 business days. Being on the opposite side of the country I didn’t expect it to be in 3…

But it didn’t REALLY ship until the 9th, and it appears to have sat in warehouses in PHX and TX (baking) for at least 3 days and is set for delivery tomorrow.

So much for having this for Valtimes Day.