Benessere Vineyards Sangiovese (4)

Benessere Vineyards Sangiovese 4-Pack
$59.99 $148.00 59% off List Price
2009 Benessere Estate Sangiovese, Napa Valley
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An excerpt from a little blurb I posted 3 years ago under another user name (original content from the casual-connoisseur)…

“Benessere actually produces award-winning Sangiovese (often recognized as the best Sangiovese in Napa Valley by locals and other wine enthusiasts). Part of the reason its Sangiovese is so outstanding is because the winery grows over 12 different clones of the Sangiovese grape, lending to create an age-worthy varietal which has outstanding complexity.”

Anybody have some previous tasting notes here? This one is new to me, and the price point isn’t “incredible”, but it isn’t bad either. How would this compare to say a Pedroncelli Sangiovese?

Vino Noceto Sangiovese has been conspicuously absent for some time (ahem!), I hope they are able to make a reappearance with the new system, and soon!

In the meantime, I am considering this offer. Cesare recently postedin the deals thread about this wine when it was offered on another flash site at the same per bottle price. Said he “loved it” and that it was a steal at this price. Cesare, can you share some tasting notes?

Gregory Dal Piaz gave a nice review in Mar. of 2012 for a different vintage on Snooth:

2007 Benessere Estate Sangiovese Napa Valley $28 14.4%

Firm, slightly candied black cherry fruit greets the nose followed by liquory strawberry fruit, strawberry seeds, damp cigar and low herbal notes, with hints of cocoa, nutmeg and crystallized flowers. Very polished in the mouth, this starts out with some graham cracker and marshmallow notes that lead to a mid-palate full of wild strawberry and cherry fruit. The oak spice recedes but doesn’t fully disappear and adds some nice detail. The palate doesn’t quite live up to the expectations set by the nose, but the finish shows that this remains quite youthful and well balanced, with a bed of low but firm tannins that need to resolve a bit more for this to show all it has got. Already, it is quite perfumed and really silkily textured. 90pts

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From Wine Enthusiast Magazine fwiw:

Benessere 2009 Estate Sangiovese (Napa Valley)ONLINE EXCLUSIVE
Price: $28
Designation: Estate
Varietal: Sangiovese
Appellation: Napa Valley, Napa, California, US
Winery: Benessere
Alcohol: 14.5%
Production: 1,841 cases
Bottle Size: 750 ml
Category: Red
To Web: 4/1/2013
by S.H.
Benessere has stuck with Sangiovese for many years. This is rich and fruity, and it offers jammy red-fruit, currant and chocolate flavors. Its smooth tannins and softness make it drinkable now.
— (4/1/2013) — 87

I’m excited to land this one and at this price. QPR o’ plenty here.

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They have some seriously killer deals, especially on that not-white Friday after much turkey, with $5 shipping.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Went to go by one and it is forcing me to use amazon to buy it? What’s with that??

It’s a much-told tale…

Thank you for sending. I have been away from the site order system during the summer and now back on with fall here. Wow I guess I missed a lot got tired of reading after the 5th ‘next’ screen. :).

Anyone in SoCal wanna split?

I’d take two off your hands.


Lots of unhappy people = lots of comments. Personally I don’t have a problem with Amazon & the new system as it’s played out so far, but obviously many others have strong feelings to the contrary.