Benjamin .22 Cal Nitro Piston AirRifle & Scope

I want, but no money for it. I have the .177 version of this, GREAT rifle!! Tons of power and not too loud!


Great reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at

Guy Fieri knives AND an air rifle? Woot, you must think your mods were getting bored.

Tax killed the deal.


Oh man. Been looking for a nitro .22 rifle. Sadly I live in NJ.

Always been more of a cocking handle fan myself, although this is a pretty nice looking pellet gun.

Great for vermin extermination but if you’re just looking for plinking \ target fun, a .177 is probably a better bet due to its lower price.

Thank you, Chicago, for preventing yet another Woot purchase.

Shipped one to my in-laws. Take THAT stupid NJ laws.

In for one! I don’t really want one but I wanted to light up Florida on the Woot Map!

Here’s what I don’t understand. WOOT says it can’t ship to Illinois, but Amazon, who owns WOOT, will ship to my home in Illinois. WHY WOOT?

Certain rifles are STILL unable to be shipped via Amazon either:

Each state/county has different laws concerning Air Gun and Pellet Guns.

We all know it’s your fault. You just don’t want any of us to have any fun.

Why can’t it be shipped to 94580? San Lorenzo is an unincorporated county where shooting air rifles on your property it completely legal due to the lack of any ordinance specifically banning them? Is it covered under some umbrella rule or something?

Just be careful… anyone who lives in NJ in particular has to deal with weird laws regarding air guns.

Basically NJ treats them as any ‘real’ gun, federal law notwithstanding. Go figure.

We’re sorry, zip codes 941xx-95xxx restrict the purchase of airgun or pellet guns.

We recommend that you research and check your local laws for any other possible shipping restrictions.

This site seems to have a bit of information regarding California law: HERE