BeNOL Racing Castor Lubricant

BeNOL Racing Castor Lubricant

Ha. Lube.

Is this like the Brawndo of engine oils?

Insert stupid meme about BRAWNDO here…

It wasn’t the taste the plants craved. It was the electrolytes.
Also, given the plot of the referenced movie, this meme would be more accurate with a photo of Trump rather than of AOC.

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I don’t separate dumb. The meme just cracked me up… it’s the last time before this, that I heard BRAWNDO mentioned.

And that’s the problem, isn’t it? The meme is inaccurate (misquoting a movie) and is somehow meant to suggest that she is as dumb/crazy as the characters in the film. An unflattering (possibly edited) photograph is used to perpetuate the idea that it is “funny” and acceptable to suggest someone is dumb/crazy based on appearance. It’s not really that funny and yet you laughed and shared it forward. Thus furthering the agenda and distributing the propaganda of whomever originally created the image.

If you have one bucket that contains 2 gallons and another bucket that contains 7 gallons, how many buckets do you have?

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The same is true on both sides. She has said some crazy things on her own, but the meme does not focus on something that she actually said, but is just as funny due to a general attitude by some about her overall qualification and intelligence.
This exact same thing is being done to those on the other side of the aisle. There is no dis-proportion here. People pick their favorite team and make fun of the other team. This is the way that Idiocracy can come true. Not from one party or the other, but from a general over saturation by media and societies indulgence in confirmation bias.

Religion and politics - best avoided at Thanksgiving Dinner and in Woot’s product forums.

It’s possible you only have 1 bucket that is large enough to hold 7 gallons because that would mean it would also hold 2 gallons. However, because used the word “another”, I would take that to mean you had 2 buckets.

Delete the meme. Be part of the solution.




(I know that feels borderline mean but that Ghostbusters quote TOTALLY came to mind and cracked me and @Ajit31415 up in my office when we saw it).


Pls do not give away my location.

Not mean. Although it does feature an outdated and inaccurate stereotypical portrayal of American law enforcement.

Well this died quickly.