BenQ 2000 Lumen 1080p Home Theater Projector

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BenQ 2000 Lumen 1080p Home Theater Projector
Price: $569.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I own the short throw (ST) version of this projector. It’s incredible. No complaints, this is a great price too.

90 day warranty refurb $575 or 180 day warranty new $680.

This is the projector I want, but don’t know if I should just spend the extra $100 for new or not.

Put that difference toward a longer-term Square-Trade warranty if available.
EDIT: Hmm, looks like it is only a 1-Year available. That stinks.

I have this exact same projector that I purchased through BenQ directly refurbished. The price I paid was higher and this is one hell of a deal. If you are going back and forth about refurbished or not I would say save the money and go with refurbished. Mine came with 26 hours on the bulb which is nothing when looking the bulb should last 3500 hours at full brightness and up to 7000 hours in ECO mode.

I have mine shooting onto a 100" white screen and it looks fantastic. I actually had a friend ask how I got a 100" TV down my basement stairs since he didn’t realize I had a projector set up. It looks that clear and bright. If anyone has any specific question I would be happy to answer to the best of my ability.

Does the room have to be completely black or can you have some rear uplighting?

I don’t want to have to watch everything in a completely black room.

If you can wait for it… the newer model of this (BENQ HT1075) goes on sale from time to time for $699.

I’ve read there isn’t much difference between the two. A handful of reviews even said to take the savings and just buy the 1070.

I’m not sold on a projector just yet. We remodeled our basement and I have a good setup for one, but it would be our primary TV, not sure if I really want that even for the little amount of TV we watch.

I have this very projector, it’s the least expensive, but the absolute best I’ve owned. If you have room for one in a basement, get it. It’s cheaper than any TV you’d buy for the space but it has everything you’d want.

Based on all the positive comments I was tempted until I saw this uses a regular bulb. I won’t buy a projector until I can get one with am LED light source.

I work for a place that has a visitor center and the long-throw 15 year old project finally died. They got a BenQ that uses a bulb. When I asked about an LED version, they said there is not yet one that has the reach needed. But it will be a matter of time and there will be one.

I hear ya there. Problem is the Lumens just aren’t there. I’ve read articles that say LED you should double the lumen count so the popular Acer 700 lumen LED is about equivalent to a 1400 lumen conventional, but last 4x as long.

Still, 1400 lumens isn’t all that bright.

This is the prior model of The Wirecutter’s top pick for “best $1000 projector”, and is almost identical to it in capabilities.

I have the HT1075 myself, and I love it. Because it’s DLP, the blacks are not the absolute darkest you can get, but it avoids that terrible ghosting/motion-blur issue that even movie theater LCD projectors seem to have. Brightness is pretty great even at 10 feet, though it will be washed out if you’re watching during the day without blackout curtains. This is the screen and mount I went with, and the entire setup is quite impressive.
(The mount is “universal”, so it’ll likely fit the 1070, but I make no guarantees. I think BenQ only has official mounts for ceiling and short-throw, though, and I needed something to hang it on the opposite wall. The screen requires a few extra pairs of hands, but it’s well-made and it looks great once it comes together.)
I went looking for the best projector I could get for less than $2000, and it was a bargain even at full price. This is a steal.

I also use this with a 100" screen. The room doesn’t have to be completely black, but it does have to be somewhat dark – I have room darkening curtains and it still looks great, even with a lot of light bleed from the adjoining room.

You won’t find anything under $1000 that works well in a fully-lit room.

Also, to the guy waiting for an LED projector at this brightness and price point: LOL!

Thanks. Yeah I just don’t want to have to watch everything in a pitch black room. If it looks decent with some uplighting on, I’m cool with that.

So tempting.

What is the response time on this projector? Anyone have experience with this projector and video games? I would like to be able to play video games on this (FPS’s) but am concerned it will lag somewhat.

Does anyone know if the bulb is replaced during the reconditioning?

I don’t have first hand experience, but I’ve done a lot of research on what projector to buy and low input lag was one of my major requirements. The BenQ 1070 has one of the lowest out there. Interestingly the newer model 1075, has a higher input lag time. So for gaming this seems to be one of the best (considering the cost).