BenQ 2000 Lumen 1080p Home Theater Projector

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BenQ 2000 Lumen 1080p Home Theater Projector
Price: $569.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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4/21/2015 - $569.99 - Click To See Discussion (24 comments)

4.7 Stars over at B&H Photo

Since it’s only been 10 days since this was last on here, I might as well repost my previous comment:

This is the prior model of The Wirecutter’s top pick for “best $1000 projector”, and is almost identical to it in capabilities.

I have the HT1075 myself, and I love it. Because it’s DLP, the blacks are not the absolute darkest you can get, but it avoids that terrible ghosting/motion-blur issue that even movie theater LCD projectors seem to have. Brightness is pretty great even at 10 feet, though it will be washed out if you’re watching during the day without blackout curtains. This is the screen and mount I went with, and the entire setup is quite impressive.
(The mount is “universal”, so it’ll likely fit the 1070, but I make no guarantees. I think BenQ only has official mounts for ceiling and short-throw, though, and I needed something to hang it on the opposite wall. The screen requires a few extra pairs of hands, but it’s well-made and it looks great once it comes together.)
I went looking for the best projector I could get for less than $2000, and it was a bargain even at full price. This is a steal.

I’ll sum up mine:

Great projector. I’ve used it as my only TV for 2 years now, ceiling mounted in my home theater. It’s not the brightest, but even with a lot of light leak in my house, I get a very clear picture.

Easily the best <$1000 projector I’ve come across.

I’m thinking I’ll just wait until I move into my new apartment. I plan to use it during the day, too, so I’m not sure if I’ll need to get the much much brighter Optoma HD25-LV with similar quality (but more expensive). The newer BenQ HT1075 is also 10% brighter than this.

Hate to have to pass this up a second time, though!