BenQ 2000Lm 1080p Digital Home Theater Projector

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BenQ 2000Lm 1080p Digital Home Theater Projector
Price: $599.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I bought this projector not long after it was released & thought it was a deal at $899. If I didn’t already have one & was in the market, I’d be all over this. Two rather large threads on AVS Forum about it, highly rated. Great for 3D, watch Pacific Rim on a 100" screen & you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one sooner… Wonder what firmware this one has?

I would have been all over this if it was the short throw version w1080 . Ahhhm hint…
This projector is considered 1 of the best under $1000 I believe.

Agree with poster above that this is a great projector, and that Pacific Rim 3D on 100" screen is amazing. Best cinematic experience of my life.

Purchased this projector about a year and a half ago. Fantastic projector !!! We enjoy movies 2D and 3D and sports. Watching sports is like being there in a box seat. My screen size is about 120 inches and the clarity of the picture just amazes people when they see it. It doesn’t need to be setup in a totally dark room either just darkened. Mine is in the basement with 2 - 8 foot sliders on one wall and I only pull the vertical blinds across the one near the screen. You will need to spend another $300 or more for a screen and about $50 a pop for 3D glass but it is great deal when you consider that a cheap 65 inch LED set goes for well over $1000

I’ve been looking at picking this projector up, and the refurb is $150 cheaper than new. My mouse is hovering over the “I want one” button, but I’m wondering, do the factory reconditioned models come with a new bulb? If not, that might steer me towards new…

I got one new at $729 in May. I really enjoy it on my 100" screen. The only thing that bugs me a little is sometimes the fan can get a bit noisy, but I rarely notice it during movies.

It did take quite a bit of extra $ to get everything properly setup with a screen, receiver, speakers and anything else you might want, but it is really great if you have a room that you can keep reasonably dim.