BenQ 24" 1080p Official MLG LED Monitor





MLG = Mostly Low Gamerscore

Seriously…those kids have no pride in keeping one Xbox Live account. 80% of them have under 10,000 gamerscore. It must be for one of the following reasons:

  1. They can’t beat games to get achievements
  2. They got banned for cheating and had to get a 2nd or 3rd account
  3. They like to start new accounts so they can play people of lower skill

Either way, kids with MLG stuff on their profiles are always lametastic.


Nothing says I deserve the best like a BenQ.


I’m not one of them, by any means, but they typically make new names because they switch team-affiliation/get bored of their old name. They aren’t playing to get achievements, they are playing to practice to get better for the tournaments they play in. Their gamerscore doesn’t matter to them.


You wont let us buy more than one~
Whats up with that…?


My opinion on the MLG aside, who gives a crap about gamerscore? You’ve got a large amount of butthurt for something that doesn’t have an impact on you.


And Refurb BenQ at that!


The only reason to buy a monitor like this is for triple view, since its one the view monitors Woot has offered lately that has DVI and HDMI plugs.

Yet we are restricted to only buying 1 of the item?

what the hell?


Right. They could just pay $6 or whatever it is to change their gamertag when they change “clans”, but they’d rather exploit the in-game ranking systems by creating a new account. That way they can pwn noobs for “practice”. As I said, no gaming pride.


And as I said, you can’t expect someone to have pride in something that is irrelevant to them…


Creating a new account… with XBLA Gold… which costs more than $6… yeeaaaaahhh… paranoid much? Stop complaining and get better or get a life. Play honestly or don’t play at all, if it matters that damn much to you.


You get gamerscore from achievements in games. You get achievements for performing specific feats in games. Some of these feats can be quite challenging. A high gamerscore indicates that you are a well-rounded player. …Or that you have too much time on your hands and play way to many games… They need to also have a breakdown of average gamerscore per game… that would show from a glance if you play a bunch of games or are just really good at a few games.


It used to be that you got to play free for 24-48 hours when you create a new account. Sometimes even a week or month if there are promotions. I agree. They should play honestly, but it doesn’t happen.


Why would you use the word “achievements” in the same sentence with “games?” It is my understanding that games are strictly to PREVENT achievement of any kind.


Really? Finally a monitor worth putting into EyeFinity / Surround and I can’t buy three?

Screw you Woot. Screw you.


lol u so funny! I like u. Ur crazy, but I like u.


This Woot-Off is like watching paint dry…only without the cool fumes.


Just create multiple accounts like a true MLG player! lol I crack myself up…


i agree. i play only one game every year for the whole year - Call of duty titles (it used to be Halo) and i never play the campaign. my gamer score is low, very low. but my KD (Kill/Death ratio) and score per minute is very high. does that make me cheating the system? it’s funny when someone talks trash to me about my low gamer score after i beat them. that just means a “beginner” kicked your ass. i really don’t care for any other games or achievements in games.

note: when i do play other games, i have a separate modded xbox for that. i can download games and play them off (away) from Xbox Live.