BenQ 3000 Lumen XGA DLP Projector

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BenQ 3000 Lumen XGA DLP Projector
Price: $319.99
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We have a gently used BenQ 3200 Lumen DLP projector, model #MS524 … very similar to this one and we absolutely love it. It’s lightweight, projects a bright image, even in a room with ambient lighting, and is easy to set up and use. The only suggestion I have is to get a set of speakers to use with it. We bought some 25 Watt speakers and plug them into the headphone jack. Works great. The native speaker is just 2 Watts, which is ‘ok’ if you’re sitting right next to the projector, but not if you’re showing videos to a larger crowd.

If you are going to use this for 3D, you’ll need to purchase the glasses separately. B & H sells them for $58/pair. B & H also sells the 524 projector for under $300, if you’re looking to save a bit more. We bought ours for $230 from them and the only thing wrong with it is that it was a little dusty/dirty from being an open box item.

I got so curious about the differences between our BenQ and this one, that I set up a comparison between them. Also discovered that other sellers are showing that the ceiling mount comes free with the BenQ MX522, but Woot does not list it as an item in the box.

Other than the ceiling mount, the color, a slight difference in native resolution (but none in the supported resolution), and the fact that the MX522 weighs a full pound more, there was absolutely no difference between it and the MS524 we bought. Inputs, outputs, etc are all the same.

My recommendation is to buy the less expensive one elsewhere, then use the $$ you save to buy speakers.

a small point about the “native resolution” in this vs the ms524. This will produce a sharper picture. So, if you are using this on a computer where you are displaying numbers and print, the finer/sharper, the better. If I were displaying 720p video, this will be translated down to 1024x768 on woot’s model but, would be translated down to 800x600 on the ms524 you speak of. And so, always go up in native resolution, not down.