BenQ 3000Lm WXGA Ultra Short-Throw DLP Projector

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BenQ 3000Lm WXGA Ultra Short-Throw DLP Projector
Price: $779.99
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Condition: New


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Previous Similar Sales (May not be exact model)
5/13/2014 - $879.99 (Woot Plus)

I wouldn’t buy this. Look up the Benq w1070. It’s the same price with a lot more features and native 1080p, with two HDMI, component and composite, and VGA. It does 3d as well.

This particular projector has no digital inputs such as HDMI and it has a native resolution of 1280x800 which is quite low. You’ll be disappointed buying this for $750.

I’d probably have to agree. I <3 BenQ brand, but I bought the W770ST brand new from Amazon for less than this price and it has near similar specs.

Great brand, but please at least do some Amazon shopping before looking at this because you’ll probably find a better deal.

To give you more confidence in BenQ though:

Here’s the image out of the box (only 5 mins out of the box before actual configuration) on PS3. This has BY FAR given me far more confidence in projectors than actual TVs.

Need support? All of you questions answered over at the support page

Will this product allow me to “kkep [my] focas” on spelling?

[MOD: We’re experimenting with new spellings. Looks like that one didn’t fly. Fixed.]

Since Woot QP’d this: It’s a short-throw. Projected at about 16’ (measured today and is actually ~9-10’) from the wall. (I’m using no screen at the moment.) The product for sale here is an ultra short throw, so you’ll be able to position your projector at even less distance than I did. Perfect for small apartments.

Both the specs and the photo of the back of the unit show a single HDMI input…However, as nice as the ultra short throw feature is, I think this is a high price for a WXGA 800line projector…I bought a OPTOMA 1080p projector one here a while back for $550 that I am very happy with.

And yes, BenQ has a 1080p projector for the same price as this, but to be fair, it has neither short throw nor 3D…If those are important to you, you need to go up a model for $889…

I’ll assume you mean 16" (inches).

Had a horrible experience with several BenQ projectors that we bought where I work. Besides the fact that the color was always a little off (I thing I’ve seen with ever DLP Projector I’ve ever demo’d) we had lots of issues with the remote not working. To fix the problem we had to go around and unplug all the BenQ’s once a week or so from the outlet and reset them. If we didn’t you could press the on button on the remote all you wanted and it wouldn’t come on.

Tech support was almost non existent. After waiting weeks to get a reply from BenQ we were informed that the units had a know error in their firmware. Unfortunate it wasn’t field upgradeable and we would have to swap out all our units. Took about 2 years but we finally got 9 of the 18 units we had purchased swapped out only to discover that the issue wasn’t resolved. Some of the units they sent us to swap out with even had older firmware than the units we switched them for.

Retailer that sold us the units finally bought the bullet and swapped out all the units for a similar model from another company.

My experience with the lack of customer service by itself would be enough for me to never purchase another BenQ projector in my life.

Looks like I overestimated just a bit. It’s actually about 9-10’ (yes, feet) away from the wall. It’s just under the width of my bedroom (since I have the projector on the opposite side of the room from the wall). Never measured the screen though. The range is usually on the specs page, or you can at least use the throw ratio to figure it out. My unit does have a zoom feature, meaning I could probably get a similar image size with the unit closer to the wall, but I’m in a pretty small apartment and keeping it on the opposite side of the room keeps it out of the way without the need to mount it to the ceiling (since I’ll be moving soon).

At the poster above, the colors on mine do seem a bit off. Not necessarily in a bad way in my personal opinion, as I’ve noticed blues are vividly blue. Other colors can seem a bit washed out though. I’ve never had any remote problems (or any other problems so far, though I’ve had mine for less than a year), so I can’t comment on the customer service. From what it sounds like, hopefully I’ll avoid that.

Note that this is NOT a 1080 projector even though it support 1080. I’ve a similar one to this and the picture is decent but if you put it side by side with a 1080 projector you’ll notice a difference.

Please nobody buy this. Complete ripoff at the listed price. I just did all the research involved in buying a projector last week and there are ones with better specs that are in the same price range or less. Compared to other projectors I looked at I didn’t even consider this one. I ended up getting an Acer H6510BD, 1920x1080 native resolution, bounds better than this garbage projector, and Amazon currently has it listed at $700. Lucky me because I bought it 3 days ago when it was $666, not sure why they upped the price in the past few days, but that projector is still leaps and bounds better than this trash. This deal really takes the cake when it comes to selling a crappy old product at markup under the guise of having a firesale.

Correct me if im wrong, but the major selling point for this is the “Ultra Short-throw” feature. That is what make this projector more expensive than some others. I believe it is still a great deal.

is that a cat?!??

I remember when woot prices were a guaranteed deal and we did not eve have to check, now I am seeing stuff on woot cheaper at other places including TJ max. Woot prices and big box wholesale are just about the same , but the big box wholesalers have a better return policy. Please bring back the old woot.

Nevermind, I see you have a non-short throw projector and not what is here.

I have a short throw. Just not an ULTRA short throw… lol. Only reason I posted is that the one I got has similar specs (aside from being ST instead of UST), and cost me about $200 less brand new. But I’ve had nothing but positive things to say about my BenQ.


Draigun, thanks for coming back periodically to answer questions. Also, great cat pic.