BenQ Gaming Monitors & Projectors

The BenQ XL2420T 24" 1080p 120Hz is totally worth it if you prefer playing on a computer monitor at a desk (like myself). I have friends that just hook up their PC’s to their 42" TV’s, and that’s dandy, but I like a desk and monitor.

To be honest, I never even use the 3D. I got this thing back when it was $300 here on woot because I was using a CRT after spending about a grand on a gaming rig. The 120GHZ refresh rate is why I got this over something else. At $220, this is a great deal. You also get I believe a year long manufacturer’s warranty with it. Sw33t l33t deal!

Do you know if the 24" 3-D BenQ monitor is Mac compatible? I only see info in the specs for Windows.

The BenQ site specifically mentions Windows7 compatibility, but says nothing about Macs, so I would say no.

I have this exact same monitor, and I paid about $375 brand new. This is an great deal on an awesome gaming monitor, however the TN display isn’t the greatest for other things. I’m constantly fiddling with brightness, contrast, and saturation, but the gaming is so good it isn’t a deal-breaker for me.

Edit: I’m referring to the BenQ XL2420T, by the way.

I got a very similar BenQ projector from Wal*Mart, the Lumen specs are fairly close to accurate (I don’t know how to test them, so I could be lying – but I display movies on the side of a building at twilight and it is still crystal clear).

Super awesome well worth the money

My BenQ MP776 ST just came today. Looks NEW, seems to work fine. But lamp has 2900 hours. That’s way more then I thought it would. BenQ web site says no more then 1000 hours on factory referb, amazon say new lamp from BenQ on factory referb. This was NOT either one

I emailed BenQ about lamp in my FACTORY referb projector. No response at all. Maybe the same person that does referb also takes care of BenQ email? So woot $300 referb (not sure what was referb) plus $125 for a new ebay lamp and your at normal price. The BenQ has a pop up “change lamp” screen at 3000 hours that wont go off without reset

Monitor arrived and does not work. Mountains of frustration right now.

I’m very sorry to hear that you received a DOA unit.

Please email into Woot Member Services at and let them know what’s going on. They’ll be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Thats cool ROGETRAY posted back so quick on next step. Nice to see woot checking / working out issues or problems with whats sold here. Good job staff, hope it all works out and everyones happy