BenQ Monitors

Anyone familiar with the quality of their refurbs? I’d love to jump on the XL2420T deal.

Sorry I can’t answer the question. I just wanted to say that is the one I am eyeing as well. 120Hz refresh rate is is screaming at me. LOL. Reviews

5 stars on Newegg for $240. Some other stores have it around $220 (didn’t check shipping).

yeah . . .mother ship has new 27" BenQ for $18 more and I gotta believe the warranty is better than 90 days. Looks like a nice monitor, too.


I just bought the XL2420T. I’m hoping I don’t get any problems. I’m usually satisfied with woot buys but I’ve never bought something like this from woot. Here’s hoping I don’t have any dead or stuck pixels!

I bought a GL2450 the last time they were on sale on woot, and let me tell you this is absolutely the best monitor I have ever owned.

Its very nice quality. It was a refurb and no problems to report.

It has tons of settings for different viewing sessions (gaming, movies, etc).

If I had the cash, I would buy another in a heartbeat.

lol you can get that 27" for just a few $ more directly from benny if you want the refurb.

Otherwise I would say fork out the $10 and grab it new over at the jungle as well. Those 22 and 20’s seem like they were priced pretty nice though. Not sure about the 24" one. Its pushing that price range of new ones but still an alright price.

Ah wft Over at benny(dot)com you can get the 24" refurb for a few $ less. + 9.77 shipping but come on! prices should still be a little different and after woot shipping they are basically the same price.

This would work just as well with Xbox or any HDMI equipped device correct?

Yep, will work just fine.

The 27 inch is on sale for the same price on right now.


Promo Code: EMCXMVX32

Yep, same model number, is new, with 1 year warranty, free shipping and Newegg’s return policy.

Solid 5-star reviews over there.

BTW, if you insist on (generally crappy sounding) internal speakers on your monitor, this 27 incher has them - pretty rare. That means if you feed it with an HDMI source that has sound, it should play sound.

BTW2, I believe you first need to register at Newegg in order or that code to work.

I’m really glad I bought the XL2420T. Hopefully it won’t take three weeks to deliver like the wine I bought almost two weeks ago with expedited shipping and it still isn’t here nor is it even on it’s way. Any chance I’ll have this monitor before Fall starts?

IMHO, the VA (cPVA, MVA, et al) panels used in BenQ and other monitors are second only to the LG IPS (AH-IPS being the newest, and best, variant) and Samsung PLS (a “clone” of IPS, used in their 2560x1440p displays, Asus ProArt monitors, and the cheap Qnix/Xstar monitors).
BenQ is also pretty good about not going crazy with overdrive in the VA panels, at least in those that I’ve owned/used. Ghosting/Trailing is faint, but noticeable if you REALLY look for it.

The benefits though are incredible… They’re the ONLY panels that can achieve a TRUE contrast ratio greater than around 1100:1, with good panels coming in at around 4800-5800:1. This means you get truly “inky” blacks and eye scorching whites, something that no other currently available panel technology can do.
Open up a black screen on your current monitor, and turn the lights off; you’ll see that it’s actually a medium-grey.
With the VA Panels, it’s truly BLACK!

Great pricing on a panel tech that is vastly superior to garbage TN and which is only trumped by the (often very much so) more expensive IPS, at least in terms of color accuracy, picture etc (IPS still cannot produce anywhere near the contrast of VA).

Remember also that the 120hz/144hz panels have some of the worst color/image quality out there! The only TN panels I can use are the Dell ones (P-series), and I use the P2212Hb, P2213, and a few others to complement my U2713H/U2713HM, U2711, U3014, PB278Q/PA276Q, etc, as the pixel pitch of a 21.5" screen @ 1080p is ALMOST as good as 1440p on 27" (24" or larger for 1080p looks awful to me, 1200p is “okay”).

Point is that if you’re buying a 120hz screen, just be aware that it WILL LOOK BAD! If slightly better in-motion picture is worth the tradeoff of horrendous colors, or you are a REAL professional gamer (i.e. you derive your income entirely from gaming, which is a few hundred people), then go for it!
However, even with some pricey calibration equipment (Spyder4Elite is the cheapest I have), I’ve never gotten one of the 120/144hz TN panels to better than 63% gamut coverage, screen uniformity is really bad at deviations of up to +29% and -38%, and Delta-E is always way off as is Gamma. Points of comparison: Dell P2212H is a TN panel (mine OC’d to 75hz) and is calibrated to 74.2%, +11% and -9%, and Delta-E is 2.209. Dell U2713H is (8bit+FRC AH-IPS w 14bit LUT) 129% gamut, +4.8% and -5.2%, and Delta-E is perfect.

My advice is to buy a Qnix or Xstar from eBay/“the egg”/Amazon for $350-400, which gets you an overclockable PLS panel, with a resolution of 2560x1440p in 27" size. There are some available “Korean IPS” displays using AH-IPS panels, too, which just recently came to market. All are 27" 1440p, most OC to 120hz+, and cost $500 or less!!!

Wine is a different puppy and takes 2-3 weeks. You should get this much faster.

@nleksan, well OK then. I wonder what not IMHO would have been? :wink:

Seriously, thanks for the info.

I’m so angry I missed the start of this sale. I’ve been eyeing the 120hz for ever. Been thinking of going for the 144hz ASUS instead since the BenQ is kinda spendy.

Anyone know how often BenQ ends up on woot? I’m almost thinking just wait for the next refresh of stock and try grabbing it then.

This is good feedback and explains the technology differences between the panels. In general, BenQ designs the gaming monitors for speed and game visibility - so we use a very fast - TN panel - that then has special software to enable you to manipulate the blacks in a game for better visibility (such as a dark area in StarCraft II, or under a train in CounterStrike). In this mode, you get great gaming visibility - but photo’s won’t look so good. You can change the mode back to standard for normal use and photos look much better.

The other monitors that are on sale that use VA panels are fast, and as indicated have exceptional contrast and color performance - especially for the price. They are relatively fast (4ms GtG) for casual gaming - and deliver the highest viewing angle offered by any monitor (178/178). Bottom line - if you game more than 2-3 hours a day and want to be at an MLG event - get a BenQ gaming monitor and figure out how to use the Black eQualizer to get the jump on your opponents. If gaming is secondary, the 24" and 27" monitors that are left will be great for color performance and contrast (photo’s / PowerPoint / Video).

Hope that helps!

Tested - Code no longer works, they only have a $20/off code listed for that monitor now.

Soooooo tempting woot!