Benziger Family Winery Red Trio

Benziger Family Winery Red Trio
$59.99 + $7.00 shipping
condition: Red
1 2005 Merlot Feingold Vineyard Sonoma Mountain
1 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon Stone Farm Vineyard Sonoma Valley
1 2004 Winemaker’s Claret Sonoma

CT links above; looks like a few woot launches.

mill got beaten by a time traveler!

First sucker: cbloszinsky
Speed to first woot: 0m -9.-220s
Last wooter to woot: mill

Nice guess to the person who guessed this one.

Winery web site link included.

Awesome, IN is on the list for delivery!!! I might have to get one of these…

I see some tediously long states are back in the list. Unless it’s a mistake, welcome back! It’s been a long time.

Yeah, I’ve been waiting for IN so long I went in for 2 immediately.

A collection of big reds…and they DON’T deliver to DC this time. I am going to need some SERIOUS convincing on this one to keep my streak alive.

Mill sighting -

Speed to first woot a negative 9 seconds? No wonder I never get first. Gotta get that time machine working…

EDIT: Whoops. Corrado beat me to it…

in for one. would love to labrat and will be available to do so if the Woot God(s) see fit.

A Claret, and no love for Ohio.

afranke got it … great guess!

Hmmm … the 2005 Feingold Vineyard Merlot and 2005 Stone Farm Vineyard Cab Sauv do not appear on the Benziger website. Woot Launches?

Everyone’s beating you tonight! Let me know when you get the time machine working so I can go back and buy the good woots I missed, and NOT buy the ones that sucked.

not sure how I traveled back in time but if I figure it out again I will let you all know.

I’m going to need some convincing. $22 a bottle: I’m ok with that for the CB, less ok for the Claret, and not really ok for the merlot unless it be some damn good merlot.

Here’s hoping for some timely rats!

My mouth is already watering over the claret…in for one!

You mean you already let us know, right?




So, how good is this deal?

It’s another tricky week to figure out exactly, since two of the three bottles are not yet available on the winery website. Using the price of the non-single-vineyard bottles of the same vintage/varietals on the website, though (which could be low), this is still a good deal (hint: that Claret accounts for more than half the cost of the woot price).

If I get more accurate prices for the 2005 wines I will update the sheet.

Website also adds tax even outside of CA.

I dont think these are the same wines, the wines on woot are single vineyard. The claret is right.