Benziger Macleod Vineyard Sauvignon - Three Pack

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Yeah baby, time travel ROCKS!!! Go me…it’s my wootday…

EDIT: must have been that first experience of PS tonight…thanks PSith!!

ok, so I was about to make my first woot wine purchase on the reds that were before this…(I figure after all the shirts, I should venture elsewhere)…my order got declined, despite plenty of available $$…is it because it switched over to this new sale?

if so, I’m really disappointed…

Now THAT’s fast.

Filling in for Corrado…

Benziger Macleod Vineyard Sauvignon - Three Pack
$39.99 + $7.00 shipping
condition: White
product: 3 06 Macleod Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc

Link to the Winery
Link to the Vineyard

WD, why is shipping still $7.00? It’s not summer any more.

I loved the Vina Robles SB I got last year. Any idea how these compare?

Are you perchance in one of the non-covered states?

It’s not snowing, so it is summer!

nope - I’m in California.

oh well…I didn’t really need to spend that money as it is…just thought I’d give them a shot since everyone was raving about the value.

my first will come eventually. =)

Hmm. just out of curiosity… Anyone knows how often this “wine.woot” is updated? I’ve noticed (over last months…it’s pretty obvious) that they don’t get updated every day like “shirt.woot” or "

Don’t know how good this Benziger is…

Every Monday and Thursday @ 12:00AM Central time

Edit: because I can’t spell

In for one. Despite the fact that I love reds more than whites, I do love my Sauvignon Blancs. And given that this is a three-pack of a single bottle, there’s not much sense in being in for two, now is there?

How good is this deal?

You ought to be able to guess by now, but click the link above for deal info and CT pricing.

OMIGOD, what happened to Indiana being on the list? I can swear we were on the list for the previous offerring from this same winery. Sadness, because while I consider myself to be “mostly” a red wine drinker, Sauvignon Blanc is one of my favorite whites.

Nice to see the 2 offerings a week format back to wine.

A short review.

I’m on the fence… not the smokin’ deal that Monday’s offering was and I’ve already got more white than I’ll drink in the cooler. I could be convinced though… rats? offical or unofficial

Early Lab Rat report!

I, too, was awarded double rat status this week - all things considered, it’s been a very good week.

We had the Sauvignon Blanc about two hours after our last taste of the Claret, and paired it with a triple-cream brie on Carr’s water crackers. It sat in our wine fridge at 44 degrees for about 6 hours after arrival. The wine was crisp and refreshing; the melon came through, although we had a hard time tasting the green apple in the tasting notes. We watched the video, and absolutely picked up the pineapple and pear that George MacLeod refers to. This is not a grassy SB, nor is it too sweet. It was a great compliment to the rich cheese.

We were a little surprised that this is the first release of this wine, as it really was quite elegant. Benziger clearly produces great wine, but we were surprised that a winery’s first vintage from this vineyard would be so refined.

Overall, it’s been a real pleasure to sample Benziger wines and I hope to see more of their product in future wine.woot offers. I think these were w.w purchases #27 & #28 for me, and clearly among the best (although I was flamed for panning the Saki!)

I wish I could. Love a good SB. But I live in Oh and there is no shipping to our great state. You have allowed me to save the cash and go out to dinner this weekend. My wife thanks you.

A look at the map shows the state pretty black. Must not have been on the list. I hope that provides some consolation.