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YAY! Got one! In @ 99% left :smiley:

Hooray! I got one

I even had to re-login via Amazon.

Merry Christmas to me!

Again? What in the wide world of sports is going on here?

Yay! I saw BOwl Cleaner and wailed on the button and got one! :::;: happy dance::::;

Went through the forum this time. Got to the vestible again.
But then the glorious I Want One screen popped up. Scored one :slight_smile:

Managed to snag one via the app! Woo!


Yes!!! Woot BOC to the rescue.

Been trying all day and FINALLY got one! If it gets here before Xmas it’s going to be a mystery Xmas morning gift :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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well once again im terrified to see what im going to get. i was confused when i didnt see the VOP.

Yesss! Finally got one after 4 months of voc hell. Woohoo!

Wish they would fix the “keep me signed in” option. Second time I missed out because of that bug.

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if mine gets here before xmas im putting it under the tree and waiting as well.

Maybe it’s my work’s ISP but I can’t seem to get this to load on the site until I’m already unable to add to cart, hit the VOP as usual immediately when hitting “buy” and sat there until I came out to a sold out cart. such a bummer.

For sanity sake please f*cking fix the app so that it saves your login… why is it every time I want to purchaze something or view my account it makes me re-login over and over again. It wouldn’t even be as bad if the login process wasn’t the slowest thing in the world. What an awfull experience this app offers with its lack of efficiency… your desktop developers know about caching, maybe they can teach a thing or two to the mobile devs.

Nope. Desktop site makes you re-login too.

That’s why you log out/log-in when the previous item reaches 10% left.


What a terrible experience that offers.

I understand they want to make earning a BOC feel like a challenge but this is beyond a challenge this is an overall failure of a account login system. I’ve built free bottom shelf websites with better session management.

You won’t think so when someone steals your phone and buys all the things on woot.