Berkshire Pork Butts and Berkshire St. Louis Ribs

Berkshire Pork Butts and Berkshire St. Louis Ribs

$10/lb for St. Louis ribs and pork butt? I think I can find a better deal at my local grocer and I live in the St. Louis area. The people I serve these to are not going to be able to tell if they are Berkshire or a local store brand.

Thanks for the math, was getting ready to figure out this deal myself. I can get pork but on sale for .79 a pound, and baby back ribs that I don’t have to trim much, as opposed to the St. Louis-big-hunk-of-useless-meat-with-tiny-riblet-bones-in-it, are on sale for under 2 a pound regularly.


Berkshire people! Please educate yourself on what this is!

I can understand, not purchase but at least understand some of the Hunstpoint Beef products that sell at twice the price of local shops for similar grades because of the uniqueness and quality of the cut/breed etc. You can usually taste the difference when it’s being grilled on high heat. But there is no way I’m paying10 times the going rate for a piece of pork that is going to be slow cooked at least 3 hours for the ribs and 6 hours for the butt. You’re much better off saving your shekles and putting that money towards a good smoker.

Actually it’s 18 to 20 bucks a pound.

Adding a gif was harder than the math.

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I feed my dog raw meat, pork butt is something I buy for her. She is pretty special… But not this special. :thinking:

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Berkshire is fine pork, but duroc has consistently better intramuscular fat; thus, better eating quality. If you plan to spend this much, go for duroc.

:joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl: what a joke!!
And the useless spare rib rib tip meat is amazing smoked if you take the time to pull it
(St.louis style are trimmed spare ribs with no tips)

Hopes she loves the worms.

We don’t feed her wild game.

If i grab a pork butt or two, will I get shamed by #metoo?