Berlioni Convertible Cuff Men's Dress Shirts

General rule of thumb: Never buy something that is labeled “Italy” but is actually made in China.

What’s a convertible cuff?

Bought the red and green last time around. Not bad. Wouldn’t pay $70 for them, but not bad. Sizes run a little small, otherwise I’d be in for more. I’m a teacher and the quality is just right. Not too low quality to make me cheap, not too expensive that I’ll cry when I spill coffee on it.

A dress shirt that’s hang dry and cool iron only? They’re not thinking of who typically wears these.

MSRP $69.99? Really Woot? You’re making yourself look worse and worse every single day!

Manufacturers website:
$24.99. Yes, that’s more than what it’s selling for here, but not even remotely close to the grossly inflated MSRP reported.

Groupon has the same price as Woot, but free shipping if 2 or more are ordered:

It has standard button cuffs, but if you want to dress up your look, it will also accept cuff links.

Groupon’s MSRP is $89.99.

Those claims about country of origin and true MSRP make you wonder what you would pay for them in Beijing

Maybe you should understand what MSRP means before trolling! It is a generalization used to enhance products…MSRP is almost always 2-3x what the actual selling price is!

MSRP is literally the acronym for Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price; that poster was pointing out the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price form the actual Manufacturer was much lower than the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price that Woot listed.

Actually not true. The manufacturer is selling it for lower. That is not the MSRP they are quoting!

Key word = “Suggested”. Not “Actual”. That’s why it’s MSRP not MARP.

Wow! Genuine Chinese Italian shirts! What a bargain!