Bertolini Wool 2-Piece Suit, 3 Colors

Can you order a different coat size/pant size combination, e.g., coat size 52L and pant size 36L?

Pants: Flat front or pleated ?

This is not a “Wool” suit. It is a “Wool Blend” suit, and with only 30 percent wool it is probably of poor quality. If you shop sales and use coupons at places like Sears, JC Penney, Jos. A Bank, and even your local department store, you can do much better for not much more money.

Sorry, no.

Nice – a “wool” suit with an Italian maker name that actually comes from China and has only a little bit of wool, along with polyester, rayon and cellulose. Just go to Marshalls and get yourself something far better for about the same price.

The pants are flat front. Thanks!

“30% Wool 5% Silk 30% Polyester 35% Viscose”

Considering the suit is more polyester and viscose, why is it called “wool”?

You better make sure you measure yourself or you’ll be stuck a suit that doesn’t fit.
It will look good in your closet though!