Beseye Pro Smart Home 2MP HD Surveillance Cam

The $249 list price is way off, as their Facebook page lists it at $179. And Amazon has it for $179 too. So for $155 (including shipping) here at Woot, it’s still cheaper but not much for a deal.

There has been a market correction for this sort of device. Feature set is about the same as other brands- well known brands.

$59.99 would be more accurate for value and even that is sliding south of $50.

I would like one of these companies to design like this to look like a household item, a book, a coffee cup, a clandle or clock…rather than some sex toy.

Advertising as “2MP” is silly.

1080P is 2MP, but is that the actual resolution of the camera?

From the specs
“Image quality
H.264 encoding, up to HD 720P at 30 Frames/sec
H.264 advanced image compression technology”

720P isn’t 2 megapixels, not even close. It’s 1 MP. Are still images only 1MP? What’s the native resolution of the actual video? Too many questions to even give this a shot.

Deceptive? Who knows.