Best action movie?

Best action movie?

Hands down, Tango and Cash.

Couldn’t be Die Hard. Christmas movies don’t count.


DiE hArD 4 ŁiFe
But for real, anyone who thinks otherwise needs to check themselves and watch all of the Die Hard movies - start to finish, in a row

Listen, we are not arguing that Die Hard is in fact, a Christmas film. However, Die Hard can and should be enjoyed all year long as an action movie.


Avengers Endgame definitely !

That disqualifies Lethal Weapon as well.

The matrix… or maybe the shining…

How about any move that starts out with the word “THE” in the title

The Phantom Menace. Jar Jar the action hero. :joy:

I’m sure in some universe?

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The Castaways on Gilligan’s Island.

Die hard is not a Christmas movie


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Hey…And Die Hard is even a Christmas movie. :crazy_face:

T2: Judgement Day
Mad Max: Fury Road
John Wick

I can’t decide…

John Wick amazing

“They Call Me Bruce?”

Yeah. You can’t beat “Leathal Weapon.”

Until you see Lethal Weapon.

The brotherhood of the wolf…

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Die Hard was excellent but Dark Knight edges it if I had to pick between the 4 choices.

But the choices are wack, Matrix, Gladiator, Indian Jones, Star wars, all choices you could argue are best… List goes on