Best bargain sites???


I am a new wooter and I saw several postings (but now I can’t find them) over the time I have been lurking about where the pro wooters get their best bargains on everything from tech stuff to regular household items.
What are your favorite bargain sites?
What makes these sites your favorite (price, reliability, customer service?)

Also, how do you gauge what product is best? Do you rely on a standard such as consumer reports magazine or website or word of mouth from trusted friends?

Your opinions are appreciated!!



Try this site out. Very user friendly.

EDIT: Oh, and I look at and for special deals and for the best prices on tech stuff.


for good bargains and a reputable site I recommend


Agreed - good customer service, honest reviews by customers and good selection. Usually reasonable and fast shipping too. For tech items - one of my favorite sites.
Other favorites and strategies:
For additional savings - using mrrebates and ebates for “click thru” savings (I think I have received about $250 in checks since I started using these).

Favorite pricing sites: Froogle, pricegrabber, & streetprices.


If you have been lurking then you know who KT is. She sent this website to me while decorating a new home that I purchased recently. I have purchased many things from here they have great deals and great service. Make sure to check out the, “What a Deal”, second from the top right.



As a matter of fact, my sister sent me that site a few days ago and they had a great price on a wooden file cabinet which I wanted for my office. i ended up ordering a few lamps, a couple of tables and the file cabinet. Their prices are good and my lamps are on the Fed Ex truck to be delivered as we speak!!

Thanks to all for their opinions…greatly appreciated!!!


amazing that no one had thought of doing something like this sooner


i use


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Try This site They have great deals.

Also try Froogle, I use it for price comparison a lot.


SD and FW as above mentioned.