Best Fries?

Best Fries?

Red Robin. I like the thick cut steak fries. I don’t like shoestring fries.

If you’re talking about fast food, Wendy’s. I don’t know if they still do the sea-salt ones, but those were the best.

The winner was Curly Fries I believe. Curly Fries are seasoned, therefore they have an advantage. So if they TRULY won there should be an * next to the win. My opinion anyway. For what its worth.

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Hi there. Moved your post over here for debate.

I used to think curly fries were the best but I really, really like those small fries like Freddy’s Hamburgers.

My personal Fav are Wendy’s now, use to be McD’s.

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McDonalds used to be a fav as well but now there are more options. But I try not to eat them often so usually only at Freddy’s.

For ‘fast food’ fries, 5 Guys has pretty good french fries.

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With cajun seasoning

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And the fact that it seems like the same amount of fries that is in the fry carton, is also in the bottom of the bag. Love me some Five Guys Fries. But for this, if they’re hot, nothing beats McDonald’s Fries and it’s not even close (they have to be hot though…)

Give me sweet potato fries any day. It is my non-low-carb guilty pleasure.

Red Robin’s fries are good, but only because of the seasoning and camp fire sauce to dunk 'em in! Without that, those type are fries are too much potato.

I like fries that still have the potato skin on them.

Spangles makes a pretty good fry.

Guess you wouldn’t like JoJos either…

Around this neck of the woods we call those “Potato Logs” :wink:

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Yeah, that’s just a sliced baked potato. Not fries.

Goes great with fried chicken