Best Oreos?


Those are the ones you save to make into chocolate pie crust.


Not from LE, but you might enjoy these :slight_smile:

  1. One of my favorites:
    :star: 1.0 out of 5 stars - DEFECTED PRODUCT CAME

Reviewed in the United States on May 28, 2020
Verified Purchase [a set of scissors]

  1. This one is randomly chosen from a pile of “treasure”
    :star:1.0 out of 5 stars - 4 cut holes in each toilette!

Reviewed in the United States on July 6, 2019
Verified Purchase [compressed towels]

About this item: [from seller’s description]

  • PREMIUM QUALITY - The mini towel is made of cotton, lightweight and soft enough for a baby’s skin, comfortable, safe and tasteless. Both adults and children are suitable.

  • EASY TO USE -The portable towels can be used with a glass of water. Both cold and hot water, which depend on your own. Dehydrated towel is more durable than ordinary paper.

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Which one?
Prove it.

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Since this was mentioned a few times I looked it up. The strike in part is about mandatory duration of some shifts [in a world where 60 hour weeks are the competition and factories are disappearing from the US]. The strikers also don’t like that pensions are phasing out and 401k’s will be up to them to fund it not. 84% of Americans do not have the option of a pension. Either is deferred compensation. 401k’s are portable. A reality check is needed.

I have tried some gluten free Glutino cookies from Amazon that two others here mentioned. Slightly higher per ounce at $3.69 for 10.5 oz but I thought they were much better tasting and like double stuff filling.

I am loving the recent S’mores Oreos!


Yes! I have had these pop rocks ones, too. They are in my top 3. Have to buy them when you see them, cuz they are limited time, usually just around the 4th of July in my area.

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This oreo, The Most Stuff, wow. My nephew and I were working a volunteer job together for a few overnights and on the way in for a shift we saw these at the local convenience store. We bought 2 packages, each package had 4 cookies.

We spaced them out through the 12 hour shift… talk about a sugar high! And what a crash later. We actually still had 2 of the 8 cookies left when we got off, and my nephew gave them to his brother because we just couldn’t do another one! (It took us eating 6 of them before we admitted what we should have realized with cookie #1, so so much sugar. :yum: :yum:

They basically are double double stuff. You could even see the split where it appeared the oreo machine had simply put the 2 double stuffings together.

ORIGINAL Original Oreos were best, years ago.

Before diabetes became my lot, I loved original Oreos.


Perhaps. Define “perhaps”.

I have not seen those in the store, but I’d definitely get them if I did.

We were very excited for the java chip, and neither my wife or I enjoyed them. I’m glad you liked them though! Maybe we got a bad batch?

Noreos. Nabisco is dead to me since they stopped selling Cameos in the US.

Who knows, maybe just personal taste. I had a similar experience with the Smores ones… I was so excited, and just as equally disappointed. But at that time is also when I discovered the Java Chip ones, so maybe the smore disappointment added to the java love??

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Maybe. I also had super high expectations for the java chip, and low for s’mores. So that could have played into it as well.

Another thing the s’mores had going for it, is we bought the s’mores girl scout cookies, and we all though the oreos tasted better than those, so it probably got extra points just for that.

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