Best part of working from home? (thx @jksquared!)

Best part of working from home? (thx @jksquared!)

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What is this “Working from home” you speak of?


Locked down has meant different things to different people. For us, pivoting the company so it does not go into the cr@pper last year and this one. Knowing what new regulations, loans, grants, and opportunities are out there. It is hard work because so much was a mess unnecessarily. As in foot dragging and incompetence that made for much suffering.

Some folks that frequent Woot found some new opportunities in spite of it all but worked 55+ hour weeks for no extra pay. Keeping staff safe was also a highest priority where I work and we achieved 1/10th the infection rate of sister companies. I did not turned on my HDTV in the last 10 months. YMMV. For me my car battery drained.

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I don’t have a clue

More nightmares only now it’s daytime…Absolutely nothing good, other than more organized, is how I see it!

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My normal commute is about 80 minutes each way. Instead of waking up, showering, getting dressed, and driving to another state, I can now sleep in until five minutes before work, stumble into my home office, and start my day.

That’s a lot of extra sleep I’ve had for almost a year.




Worked from home since 2011. I do not miss the commute. I do miss face to face interactions though.


Most of our office went home last March but I had folks on my team that allegedly couldn’t work from home. So I was in the office until just a couple of weeks ago. Our company decided to close the office since the work at home has gone so well.

I had a very short commute, so that part isn’t a huge deal for me. I enjoy the pajama dress code but I was wearing shorts and t shirts for the last year anyway! I’m ok with working from home, but not thrilled. I do miss the social aspects of being at work. I think that’s the toughest part.


I’m a career AV guy, and as you can imagine that industry is non-existent right now. I lasted 6 months on a reduced WFH schedule, basically training the whole time. I finally quit when the company started trying to get us to sell what amounts to a wallpaper over zoom for thousands of dollars a day. I’m halfway through the vaccine protocol now, and I’ll probably start freelancing again in April.

I wear the pajamas that I got for my birthday when I do my work at home. So they’re like my pajama suit. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I think you meant that you wear your “birthday suit”?


Same. The idiots on the road have gotten worse. I do not enjoy the drive on the days I do go to the office.


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Working@home was nothing new to me - I made the switch back in January of 2013 and have never regretted not even once! I would NEVER EVER work outside the home again! Wake up, pop on a headset and log in to work in my jammies - hell yeah!!! And I’ve worked for multiple clients through 2 different companies. (Gig worker, but with benefits with most clients)

If anyone wants to check into legit work@home jobs - go to and subscribe to their email newsletter and start watching the daily job listings!

If you can talk on the phone and have internet and your computer is Win 8 or Win 10, you can find a job. A few of the companies provide a computer, but those have not been common. Could be with more companies going virtual - more places may start supplying computers. We will have to wait and see.

EVERYTHING! I’ve been in and out of the office during the pandemic, and I love everything about working from home. I don’t even miss my coworker friends as much as they miss me. lol I’m seriously considering finding a full time wfh job once they make us all come back to the office (and they will because the upper management hates letting people work from home even though we’ve all been getting our work done just fine).

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There should have been a essential worker pole in this! I’ve been working the whole pandemic! Kind of upsetting!

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Same here! Is working from home when I decide not to show up for work? My job is unfortunately impossible to do remotely.

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Perhaps OP is talking about employee monitoring software? I thought everybody was using it.

no pants!