Best Rocky movie?

Love that 5 isn’t even on here. :joy:

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The only one in the Rocky series that Stallone didn’t play Rocky. :laughing:

Now that would have been funny! Watching Stallone prancing around in drag singing ‘I’m just a sweet transvestite…’ in his mumbling New York accent.

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Rocky 5

My vote had to go to Roicky II. Def voting for the Ro icky lol

Roicky was much bettet than Rocky.

I’m surprised there’s no “never seen it” response like rocky road ice cream or something

Reminds me of this…

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Rocky was written by Stallone. He was a pro with a dream and made it happen.

Great movie all the way around.


Fraggle Rock
Jim Henson Dancing GIF by Muppet Wiki

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Not including Rocky V completely invalidates this poll :crazy_face:

Roicky II

Because Roicky.

Rocky Horror

Not a Rocky movie but…

It has rocks in it.

Has a bit of a “rocky” start.

There’s a rabbit.

And starts with the letter “R”.


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After the first one I lost interest :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Big Rock Candy Mountain! Wait… You said movie… Rocky Horror for sure!