Best Sellers Kit



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Gee I’m so glad your pictures are so blurry I can’t make out what’s actually in this. Would it kill you to itemize what’s in the box? Probably. I’ll just buy from Costco.


It’s right there in the text under ‘features’:
Contains 1 pouch each: Beef Stew, Beef Stroganoff, Chicken Teriyaki, Lasagna with Meat Sauce, Scrambled Eggs with Ham and Green & Red Peppers, and Raspberry Crumble.


Where is the logic in making this best sellers kit 1 breakfast, 4 entrees and 1 desert?


The kit is seemingly designed for a single person on a weekend trip…

Day 1:
Walk into the woods -> Entree #1 - Lunch, Entree #2 - Dinner, Desert
Day 2:
Breakfast, Entree #3 - Lunch, Walk out of the woods

And an extra Entree for good measure.

My best guess at least :).


seems funny it doesn’t ship to Alaska
where it’s probably needed most.


“He who eats one breakfast in the morning, 4 entrees for lunch, and desert at night become very angry and frustrated.” (Confucious)


I wonder what is the expiration date of these things?
How long do they last?


It doesn’t say how much protein or calories
or what vitamins . does any body knows?


Don’t worry. But you WILL get your weekly dose of sodium in one day with these babies… The do taste good though. And so does spam, if your hungry enough.


Per Woot Staff they all have 12 Year Shelf Life (i.e. 2027)

Thanks for the inquiry!


spam is fantastic when done right

i look forward to some teriyaki spam and egg musubi next month in hawaii


Please come visit the Spam Museum in Austin Minnesota.


I went straight to specs, which is where I’d expect the specifications of the contents of the box to be. Whatever, went to Costco anyway.