Best Sellers: Swarovski Elements!

FYI - these aren’t what Woot is shipping out. The earrings shipped out are knockoffs and look nothing like the pictures (and definitely are not Swarovski).

We’ve spoken with Woot Staff and they’ve informed us:

Made with Swarovski elements does not mean made by Swarovski the company. The items sold in this PLUS event are authentic elements from Swarovski.

Received silver/white gold instead of yellow gold. Also, the stones are much smaller than 1ct each (2cttw).

I ordered 3 sets. Very disappointed.

Oh man, I’m sorry. If you haven’t done so, please get in touch with Don’t forget to include your order details along with your situation.

I received these earrings - they are not gold, and they are not 1 carat size - very disappointed. Plastic backs as well, not butterfly. Questioning now if they are even “white” gold.

I’m very sorry for that, I’m checking in with the buyer. If you haven’t already, please contact CS using the support tab above. If you could send them a photo and/or post one here, that’d be very helpful!