Best Selling Rugs

Would the small size of one of these rugs hold up as a welcome mat outside on a covered front porch?

Those non-slip rug pads are comletely useless. We have been fighting the rug slips for years now and have tried these as-is, duct taped the edges to the floor, duct taped them to the rugs. We used velcro, industrial sticky pads and everything else short of a nail gun and liquid nails. For context, our rugs are heavy and stiff. They are placed on hardwood and tile floors. Anything but direct vertical downforce being applied and they might as well have been put on wheels.

Why they don’t work well.
->People - they scuff their feet (lateral force) and thus direct downward pressure is not always in play. They also tend to curl or fold over anytime the rug edges get bumped thus creating a bump in the rug and non-slip pad (which is very thin).
->Dogs - active dogs use more lateral force than anything. We have the same issue as with people except multiplied ( paws x 4 ) and we find our rug looks like a 500HP hot-rod spun it’s tires on the rug and it ends up against the front door or the wall in a heap.
->Cats - didn’t think it was possible but they cats quickly learn to make a game out of moving the rugs. They will run and jump like stealing second base at the ballpark to see how far they can move the rug. We blamed the dog for 6 months until we caught our 1 year old 10-lb cat on camera.

Any type of dirt or dust on these pads and they also lose their grip. Dust and dirt most oftens filters through the carpet itself (slowly of course but it happens).

I think that pretty well answers my question, Woody1. Thanks! I guess this is one buy I’ll be passing up.

Does anyone have any input about the quality of these area rugs? Thanks.

Strange. I’ve used the same/similar many times with no problems. Yeah, I may have to line the pad back under the rug now and then but not that often. I’ve had them at the bottom of stairs with a kid and dog as well.

Was this sale cancelled? Everything disappeared right in the middle of my checkout process.

I ordered 3 of these, along with a couple other items, got a shipping notice, just got the package and no rug mats included??? Now what?

The rug mats are shipping from a different location - directly from the vendor. As noted in the sale, they’ll ship in 3-5 business days. Hang tight.