Best streaming platform?

Best streaming platform?

Whatever your parents subscribe to


I was going to say the one that someone else is paying for and lets you use the password for.

I say this but right now I am providing Netflix and Hulu to my Mother, Child, and Wife. I am also providing Disney+ to the Wife and kid. As for Amazon Prime and several other streaming services that are free, those are wide open on the Fire Stick so I guess I am providing those to anyone that has access to my living room TV.

I think I am a streaming media sucker, now I’m sad. Thanks a lot Woot.


Ehhhzactly! :crazy_face:

Honestly… Just buy a Roku and enjoy weird stuff for free.
IMHO, the PLUTO channel on ROKU is awesome and all free. It is set-up like cable, with a guide and everything. I love the OLD dr who on it. I enjoy some river monsters and binging some original Addams family, too.

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Am I the only one who finds it odd that they left off Prime Video? You know, the company that owns them?


Prime is a given… I wonder how many people subscribe to prime, and see the free shipping as a bonus…
the people that subscribe for the free shipping and see prime as the free bonus?

I think they left off Prime because they were afraid it would do poorly. Honestly, all the streaming apps work great for me except Prime. Whenever I pause or rewind a video on the Prime app it flakes out and becomes unwatchable. I always end up having to restart the video from the beginning. Plus I find the search features in the Prime app a lot harder to use than Hulu or Netflix.

whats the rhyme service?

I don’t wanna get in trouble either so… Amazon Prime… :upside_down_face:

Going with Prime just because I can watch The Grand Tour… (they just had some of the early top gear appear again too).


Someone tell me which one is winning because I only have prime :w_ooh:

My favorite thing about Prime are the cast and trivia notes. It aligns perfectly with my adhd. Plus the selection of BBC stuff. Netflix comes next. For books I prefer Scribd over audible. But I do have Kindle unlimited. Deep sigh.

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