Best sugar cereal?

So in your residence there’s a cat overlord and Corn Pops, while @sammydog01 has lots of robots.


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Yeah, but he’s cute.


Isn’t is a bigger priority as to how the cat finds its human pet?

Corn Pops are pretty awesome but they would be better with ghost marshmallows in there.

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That’s not what I meant…

You can get bags of lucky charms dehydrated marshmallows. All sugar, no obstacles.

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Just send me lots of sugar and we’ll call it even.

It’s still the answer.

I saw a meme with two identical cats and the owner human caretaker saying that he doesn’t know which is his overlord.

Like in a bag with a twist tie?

Or you could send it in bricks of powder.

You want stale brown sugar. Ok.

Oh. Wait.

@sammydog01 also has opened copies of Wootopoly.

I have exactly one goldfish.

Want some recipes?

Sure. I don’t eat fish.

What’s THAT supposed to mean?! :sob:

That I don’t eat fish.
Unless it’s Lent.
Then it’s a tradition to have greasy bar fish at least once.

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