Best SUPER Fine Point Pens?

Hello fellow wooters! Just wanted to get your opinion/experience on something. I love love fine point pens.

As of late, I use Pilot Precise V5 or their retractable line Pilot Precise V5 RT; both are 0.5mm.

While perusing the shelves at Target the other day, I came across these Staedtler 10ct Triplus Fineliner Pens which boast a precision of 0.3mm. I bought them.

My dilemma? I lost the black one. My set is incomplete. So, let’s say I try a NEW super fine point pen…what do you guys swear by?


Much love.

  • Jessica

I’ve become a fan of Sharpie Pens. I’m not sure an exact size but I use the fine point and they’re my favorite pen now. Writes smooth and doesn’t bleed. I am interested in trying the liquid pencil they list, though.

I tried the liquid pencil. Seemed mostly like that eraseable ink they used to have. I wasn’t overly impressed.

Oh ok, I was never impressed with erasable pens. I was hoping they would be a cleaner alternative to using a mechanical pencil when filling out nonograms.

I prefer pencils myself… but my boss is a huge fan of ultra fine point pens. The one she’s using right now is 0.7mm, and it’s a Uniball Jetstream. I tried to get her a finer point at our local Office Depot, but she needs blue ink (and all they had was black).

crayons. the thicker the beter.

I’m going to stick with the old reliable pens.
Goose feathers and ink wells.

Keep a pet goose in the back yard, drill a ink well, and you are ready…

i am disappoint to find out the op was not looking for a super fine point penis. because i have a source. cough

Something I should’ve asked when you first posted: how do you like the pens? .3mm sounds amazing. Also, when I clicked the link just now I noticed on the side they offer a 4 pack of just black pens of this same model. It can’t hurt to have a few spares…[4x4[/img]](