Best Time Machine Ever

Cool : )

Best time machine shirt ever!

Nice simple and pleasant design with a good message behind it. I hope it sells well and congrats to Patrickspens on printing with one of the few pop-culture mash-ups this derby had to offer.

A good book will take you more space-time miles than any movie ever could. Every book is your own personal TARDIS; cherish it.

I totally had this idea for a shirt, but I suck at drawing, and you did it better than I ever would have, so congrats, and I love it.

I bought this just to see if I am going to get first sale. I think most of the people who logged in to woot this evening saw the Bag of Crap on and made a dash there before checking this shirt out.

Shame really because it is a really upbeat shirt.

First place in a time machine derby, yet not pop-culture based? sniff I’m proud of the voters.

Congrats on another print, Patrick!

Same here, was pleasantly pleased to see this print. I haven’t been checking the derby rules as regularly as I once did. Have they had a derby lately that actually had the “no pop culture” rule? Not to knock the other entrants in this derby, just I miss seeing something that doesn’t have a sci fi tv show or movie in it on a more regular basis.

They haven’t had that restriction in quite a while. I will admit that those of us who are still voting seem to not be so easily swayed by something PC shoehorned into the design, hence the winners in other recent derbies too.

^^^This 100%.

This is a great design, but I can’t wear it. It gives the wrong impression of me because I’m not a reader, except for tech manuals, which aren’t very time machine like.

I need this in a poster. For my classroom wall. Make it happen, Woot. Make it happen.

Love this design, simple and to the point. But really woot, its books, seems like totes would have been a no brainer. And posters would have been nice, too.

I don’t disagree, but I thought derby wins were always just shirts (unless the particular derby says otherwise). They can do other products with it later. And they should!

Maybe? (Oh, btw, spoiler alert!)

This will make a great tote…hint hint

Why isn’t this on seafoam green !?!?

“Twilight Zone” episode - perfect for this wonderful shirt!! :slight_smile:

Awesome shirt! I couldn’t agree more, a book is a great way to experience all time periods!