Best way to celebrate your birthday?

Best way to celebrate your birthday?


I don’t celebrate my birthday.

(For one reason or another.)

Riding a unicorn whilst eating cake

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Donut crawl. It’s like a pub crawl, but with donuts. Sugar wasted.


Every so often the Super Bowl falls on mine, which is not so bad. Beer and wings go great with cake

Waking up to the smell of bacon and breakfast instead of the abrasive sound of my alarm clock to start. Starting up the van and see my husband filed the gas tank. My favorite dinner in the evening and cake from the best cake shop in the midwest. To finish the day, going to bed on a freshly made bed and fluffed up pillows.
Now to just get my husband and kids to make this all happen. Anyone have a spare fairy Godmother or Genie I could borrow??

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Sleep in and chocolate cake. I’m easy.

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Wake up. Get up. Live (at least) until the next morning when I can do that again.

The best way to celebrate a birthday is by @davejlives selling me a genuine Nintendo Switch for $50 (or less). At least, I assume so since it hasn’t happened. YET.

By spreading cheer and merry with gifts of bags full of unicorn poo in the land of woot-off!


but probably not :crying_cat_face:


Psychologically ready for today? :wink:


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Sign up for a bajillion free birthday offers.

Spend the next month frantically trying to collect all your free meals.

Compound the problem by forgetting your login and creating another account only to find you now have two birthday meals to eat.

day in bed, internet and cocoa. maybe popcorn later in the day.

The best way to celebrate a birthday is by Wooting all day and spending hubby’s money! :wink: