best woot ever???


I;m rather new to this, but Ive already seen some great woots. But I’m curious, what in each of your oprion has the been the best woot ever (price too)


that’s a tough call… most people would claim the Bag O’ Crap where you purchase up to 3 craps (which you should do, anything less is a waste of shipping) delivered in a bag for $1 a crap, so the total is $8 including shipping… but i don’t go for it; i have enough crap around here already to be paying for more crap…


Disregarding the Bag O’Crap (and I do go for that one because I got a Robosapien in my first one, and you sure don’t get those for $8), I’d say the computer I got for $900. (July 1, 2005, if you want to check out the specs.)


well besides the bag of craps. what are some great deals that have occured? (that pc for 900 was a good deal) is there a list of all time woots?


They go back about a year on the Woot thread.


Well, I gotta say that I love my LeakFrogs . . . they actually work! Even if a very minimal amount of moisture gets under them.



Man, don’t they ask you at work what that is in your pants?




Only when it beeps!!




On the frog theme, the frog keyboard, mouse, and speaker set that is much maligned and many have down for the worst woot, I really enjoyed and others at work enjoyed, too.