Bestkey 10k/7k mAh Power Bank - 2 Pack

Bestkey 10k/7k mAh Power Bank - 2 Pack

OK, I hereby nominate “Designed with suckers” as the best marketing line of 2019. Maybe of all time.

So many possibilities…designed ‘by’ suckers? For suckers? With suckers sort of covers both bases.

I love it.


The whole caption is amazing:

Innovative sucker design, adsorption on the surface of the equipment and the integration of the two, free your hands, so that you can fully immerse in the intense game, win the competition.

It’s almost erotic…


I would gladly pay ¢2700 for a 10 and 7 Ah set of battery packs.
But there is no way I’m paying $27 for 10k and 7k mAh battery packs.

Also this gem:

No more awkward uses of your hands