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Recording binoculars?

I bought these 3D glasses and Optoma emitter on 8/19 and they still haven’t shipped. I sent an email to customer service who told me that they got lost between the warehouse and shipping department and would need to refund my money. I asked if they could just send me another pair but was told they were sold out. This was yesterday… What the **** Woot?!

Email from Woot Customer Services:
Hello Brad,
Thank you for taking the time to email us. We appreciate your concerns as well as your business.

I’m very sorry for the delay, but it appears that your order was lost somewhere between our warehouse and the shipping company. As we no longer have any replacements in stock, I’ve gone ahead and issued a full refund back to your original payment method. The refund should appear within a few days.
Again, I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Best Regards,

Woot Member Services

USED recording binoculars.

We’re sorry for the mix-up!

You should be getting an email from shortly with more information.

So. Many. Soundbars. How to choose…

Word of caution on the Sharp 2.1 ($99) soundbar. It does NOT have an HDMI connection. Just the standard analog. When I went to plug it into my smart TV, the TV said “Oh, you have an external sound system? Cool!”, and turned of the internal speaker and volume control. Except, the sound bar isn’t a smart sound bar, so you NEED to have the volume control from the TV (or DVR or whatever). Otherwise you’re stuck with a knob on the soundbar amplifier for adjusting the volume. So make sure your TV isn’t TOO smart or spend a bit more on a better sound bar.

Still haven’t figured out how to get around it. There’s probably a way… just haven’t found it yet.

Any thoughts on the Sony sound bar? Is the refurbished idea something I should be worried about?

Stay away from Sharp. Their customer service is bottom of the barrel in my opinion. I purchased the sound bar, receiver, sub-woofer last time it was for sale and it is already broken…Sharp won’t honor the warranty.

Seems like Pinnacle is having Customer Service “issues” too. Check this thread out:

That’s easy. If you really care about sound quality, don’t buy a soundbar. It’s just a convenience gimmick that imposes ridiculous constraints on the sizes of the speakers (think sucky, tinny Bose cubes) and delivers terrible stereo separation. You’re much better off for the same money with 5 simple, identical 2-way speakers (min 5" driver, no higher than 80Hz minimum, better 60Hz) left, center, right, and rear surrounds along with an independent powered subwoofer. If you’re super concerned about looks, go for in-walls.

I don’t keep up with the latest stuff and I don’t know if AVS Forum is widely read or not. I do know that, for the prices they sell for on Woot, the Pinnacle speakers are a genuine bargain. I also know that at those prices, the company has to be cutting corners somewhere, or they would go out of business. If you’re looking for the top 5th percentile speakers, you don’t want Pinnacle. If you’re looking for pretty good speakers at a great price, Pinnacle is perfect for you. As for customer service, there really shouldn’t be a need for much customer service. It’s a box with speaker cones and a few wires inside. We’re not talking about a BMW here. (Great customer service from BMW, but for $70,000 it should be.) If you spend a few hundred bucks on bargain priced speakers, don’t go looking for customer service. What you got is what you got. Be realistic.

I have a question on the Sony DAV-TZ140B 5.1 system with the USB input.

Does that mean you could get a USB bluetooth dongle for the home theater and use the system like a more modern bluetooth-capable one for streaming music from your bluetooth-enabled computer? If yes, then I may be in for one.

The Sony STR-DH540B 5.2…doesn’t state it comes with a remote?

No. Like most USB ports on stereo equipment, it’s only programmed to look for disc drive devices like flash drives and media players.

There are also bluetooth to audio dongles. I would caution that you try one of these out first and/or very carefully look at the reviews as Bluetooth is not lossless. I have a little setup where I am able to hook my iPhone directly to a stereo cable or through a Belkin bluetooth to stereo submini adapter to the same compact system and the bluetooth is a much thinner sound.

It’s one of the biggest and most widely followed with hundreds of posts and threads every day. If you need ANY audiophile or videophile help, AVS is the place to go. I was just about to pull the trigger on a Pinnacle soundbar but after doing a little reading and testing “Customer Service” with a phone call, I’m not so sure.

Excuse me? I expect customer service whether I’m buying a set of Libby glasses, a car or a $3,000 tux. To put it nicely, I guess we have different expectations regarding value and service.

Who are you gonna turn to if your Pinnacle unit goes down and you can’t get satisfactory compensation or service? A 7 year warranty means nothing if you don’t have support, it only serves as a marketing gimmick. That doesn’t mean waiting for a month or so to receive service, if it ever comes.

Call them up, ask for Sales, see if you get a call back.

Listen to this cry for help:

Having said that I build speakers and use some of the finest drivers like Focal, have been for 40 years and yes Pinnacle gear appears to be excellent, by design. For example, they’re one of the few to use compound or push/pull Isobaric loading in a few of their sub systems. Damn smart engineering!

Hello Woot Community. This is Arin with Pinnacle Speakers, customer support Team leader. I will be here to assisit you with any and all questions.

Pinnacle is a USA based family owned and operated company. Celebrating our 37th years, since 1976, we are famous for superb product and superior value. We pride ourselves in old fashioned, personal customer service. I have been here for 8 of the 37 years and I am sure I can answer most any question. No question is a bad question. Thanks.

That was just added today, in response to a thread started in 2011, or earlier regarding an issue with Dell not shipping what they advertised. and that reply you show from today was last active in April.

Pinnacle CS has been top notch with any issue I had first hand - and I had a lot of questions for them. I’m not referring to someone else’s experience, only mine - so its limited. It may be that they do, indeed suck - but its not been my experience :slight_smile:

Hi, Arin with Pinnacle Speakers here. Customer service is a fanatical component of our corporate history and culture. Way back when, Rich R. the President himself would often pick up the phone and speak to consumers for 1-2 hours. Spending uneconomical amounts of time with every situation he came across. To him, Pinnacle Speakers are his children, and by extension, anyone who owns a set is a relative. As we have grown, we handle customer service in layers for efficiency and to provide better service. First with a section on our website for the most typical questions. This information is there 24/7 for your convenience and covers 75%+ of possible consumer situations. Also, we were the very first Speaker company to publish a comprehensive owners manual. Something far more thorough than what used to be the industry standard, which was a simple set up diagram. Our owners manuals are the best in the industry and are full of great information. We post them on our site at no charge, while some companies actually charge money to download an owners manual. If all the information on our site still does not address the issue, we invite customers to e-mail us with specific questions @ And if there is a very technical issue or you need warranty service you would write to

In every case, we work hard to provide first class, personal and relevant service. We do not have any form letters. Each customer gets an individualized response. If a phone call is necessary, we arrange a convenient time to speak. We sell many thousands of products to professional custom home installers who rely on Pinnacle as their primary speaker for high performance superior value and reliability. These industry pros typically do not require much assistance in a traditional sense. They typically just want to know if merchandise is in stock or if orders were shipped. Consumer service requirements are something we know is best in class in the industry. Most of our competitors have either outsourced anything remotely resembling service or you are basically on your own. We have sold in our 37 years millions of speakers, but not every customer is 100% satisfied no matter how hard we may try. And we try real hard! If any of you WOOTERS purchase our products please E-mail and ask for my personal e-mail. I will provide it so you can know that if anything ever comes up you can write to me directly. Arin, TEAM LEADER, Pinnacle Speakers customer Support.

PS we see over a couple hundred posts on AV forum for Pinnacle, a couple people out of 255 seem to have an issue we could not satisfy.

OK, heard the spin. Care to return your customers’ phone messages?

Really? That really is a stretch Arin.