Better Late Than Never, Valentine

I don’t want to buy more because I just bought two boxes the other day when these were up but…



(At least they made it to Phoenix not melted this time.)

We keep these in the freezer and pop out two after dinner…keeps me from wanting a real dessert and lasts forever. Well, not forever, because I’m out…so I bought more this time.

This, balsamic vinegar, and Wellington wine (anything but the 2009 vintage stuff)…the only reasons I check woot any more.

(Whine) Will Woot ever again sell any chocolates that aren’t SALTED?

How about some good old-fashioned dark chocolate truffles, dark chocolate caramels, etc?

In the last recent sale I sent some to my little sister, but not to anyone else. So this time someone else gets some, but not my little sister.

Dear Woot:

Please put this on your “to offer” list:

Candy Basket Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips.

Repeat as necessary until committed to memory.

I’ll pass this on to the buyer. Thank you!

And the milk chocolate peanut clusters and dark chocolate raisin clusters, please. Oh my, those are tasty!


and please consider candy basket offerings that are only milk chocolate. not everyone likes dark chocolate.